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Connecting Businesses with Customers, from Universe to Metaverse

Human activity has recently been expanding deeper into virtual space. Businesses need new financial infrastructure to engage commercially in this new arena. Meanwhile, with growing consumer interest in cryptocurrency, merchants are also looking for ways to benefit from accepting digital assets.

Airswift was built around a single objective: creating a payment infrastructure native to Web3.0, that empowers businesses to expand their digital currency acceptance, and that lets digital asset holders make frictionless purchases. Tomorrow’s prosperous digital world will be powered by these Airswift virtual payment solutions.

What Makes Our Products Special

One of the first real decentralized payment solutions for digital assets.

The first payment gateway that uses a DeFi liquidity pool model.

What Makes Our Team Special

Comprehensive expertise in operating payment gateways and block-chain R&D.

Strong regulatory endorsement in North America, SEA, Europe, and aligned closely with all industry regulations.

50+ blockchain related patents.

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